7 Reasons to Love Upcycling

There are so many reasons to love up-cycling. (Read about Lisa’s up-cycling journey here)

The before and after of Lisa’s much loved shoe cupboard using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Scroll down to watch the video! 

Taking something old, unloved and, sometimes, just plain ugly, and turning it into something beautiful and unique is just incredibly satisfying. (Plus your friends and family are always amazed at what you can do, it’s like the greatest party trick!)

Here we share some of our top reasons why we at Lisa Comfort Home love upcycle.

1. You create something unique. It can get a bit boring to always have the same things in your home as everyone else. (We’re sure you too have walked into a room and thinking its straight out from an IKEA catalogue. Or worse: someone coming into your house and telling you that they have the same VITSIPPA cushion or KATTUNGE cupboard?!) With upcycling, that will never happen.

2. You can let your imagination loose. Upcycling is such a creative process and you can really let your imagination loose. This is important to do because as adults, sometimes we don’t get a lot of opportunities to do this. Upcycling is like a work out for your creativity muscle! (And, for bigger pieces, sometimes an actual work out too!)

3. It’s more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Using what we already have feels more important than ever. Upcycling is a way to use what we already have but without sacrificing style. Adding decorative stencilling to a boring door? Why not?! Left over wallpaper scraps adoring the step rise? Yes please!

4. Its budget-friendly! Upcycling can be relatively cheap, especially when you invest in going to flea market and finding that piece that has been overlooked by everyone else.

5. You (usually) get exactly what you want. Don’t like the colour of something you own or see at a flea market? An afternoon and a fresh coat of paint can change that. Or feel like a room needs a bit of a refresh? Adding some stencilling can quickly change that.

6. There is no such thing as failing. Remember, in upcycling, there are no such things as mistakes – there are just lessons learnt! 

7. It’s fun! Enough said.

For June Lisa is upcycling her much loved and used shoe cupboard – carry on watching to see how Lisa transforms her shoe cupboard and makes it a topic of conversation!