Easy Upcycling Projects For Your Home

Making small changes to my home is something I like doing every so often. They give a room a bit of a facelift and they can add personality to a piece of boring furniture. Here are my favourite projects…

Adding wallpaper to the side of our bath panel was one of the first things I did when we moved into the flat. I think it was because the bathroom (unlike other rooms) didn’t need painting or retiling so this was something creative and fun I could do straight away. Priorities! It took me a couple of hours as just added some much needed pattern to quite a bland room.

I get asked a lot whether the wallpaper lasts in a bathroom – and it does! I replace it every 18 months or so. I just use regular wallpaper paste, nothing special. The bath panel is an mdf board and it sticks well to that.

This is not the most original of ideas but changing door knobs can make a piece of boring furniture look a bit special. It also helps make the furniture look like it belongs in the room. These are in our living room, on the alcove cupboards. But I have changed the door knobs pretty much all over the flat!

These benches were from Ikea, plain and boring. This project took a while but was so worth it. I bought some nice paper (from the upstairs floor in Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road) and teared it up into small pieces. I then pasted it directly onto the bench with a mixture of PVA glue and water. I painted the legs in the same colour as the dining table.

I love how they now have a lot more personality and no one ever guesses they were bought from Ikea!

A relatively easy and cheap way of adding colour and individuality to your home. You may have seen my DIY tutorial on how to wallpaper stairs. If not it is here. All the stairs in our flat are done this way. It is my favourite ‘update’ I did to the flat and the most commented on. I have to replace them every 18 months or so but that is because they can get scuffed with shoes. If you have a no shoe policy I reckon they would last longer!