How To Make A Colourful Christmas Wreath

Weave the preserved eucalyptus branches in and out of the wire frame to create a base – you may need to trim off some of the branches and add them in separately. If there are any stubborn branches, anchor them with some gardening wire. Keep adding eucalyptus branches until the frame is covered.



Next, take one of the types of dried flowers. Trim down the stems and slot them into the eucalyptus. Keep them facing the same direction so that they flow around the wreath. Don’t worry about securing with wire – you can do that once you have added more.


Make little bunches with two of the other types of flowers – you will need to wrap some gardening wire around them to keep them together. Slot the bunches in around the wreath.


Keep adding in flowers, either individually or in bunches, until you have enough colour and texture in the wreath.


Secure any loose stems with gardening wire. Then add a nail to your front door and hang with pride!