Introducing the Truck Art collection

Introducing the Truck Art Collection! We’re so excited to able to share this collection with you. As you most likely already know, Lisa Comfort Home is all about colour – we can’t get enough of it! So it’s no surprise that’s Lisa’s immediate draw was to the colour and pattern of Truck art.

Lisa first discovered Truck art on a trip to Dehli many years ago and still has the initial pieces she fell in love with, in her kitchen at home. So when Lisa Comfort Home was launched she was adamant on being able to share her love for Truck art with you. 
Each piece is handpainted by skilled craftsman in Pakistan and India and I feel if we don’t supply the demand for this kind of product then inevitably it will get lost. So I have always wanted to champion it and am so happy that they are now part of the Lisa Comfort Home line.” – Lisa 
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