Our Values

At Lisa Comfort Home we work with lots of different artisans from around the world to bring you an eclectic, unique collection of products. We support traditional skills like truck art painting and hard woodcarving to ensure these traditions are preserved for future generations to enjoy. 

We try to ensure all our products are made from sustainably sourced materials to reduce our environmental impact. We make sure all our suppliers provide good working conditions and pay fair wages to their employees. And where possible we visit our suppliers personally before ordering anything from them.

Our Truck Art Collection

Our gorgeous Truck Art comes from a small one-man band based in the UK but originally from Pakistan. Lisa met him at an antique fair and they immediately hit it off.
Our supplier has been working with the same small team of carpenters, painters and metal workers for 20 years.  He fell in love with the creativity and traditions of truck art the first time he saw it and encouraged the artists to produce products he could bring into the UK market. They are all friends of his family and form a close-knit community. Only a small number of each piece are produced and the craftsmen who paint them are paid a fair wage. Our supplier visits Pakistan 4-5 times a year ensures any profits go back into the village community to pay for hospital care, education and housing.

Our Sunburst Furniture

Our Sunburst furniture comes from Rajasthan in India. Lisa was introduced to the company on her visit to India in early 2020 by the wonderful Helen, a shop owner form Australia who has been working with the company for many years.

 Our furniture maker employs over 350 people in a business that has been established for 25 years. This family-run business makes furniture for many well-known brands in the UK. All the workers are paid fairly and looked after well in accordance with the India government regulations. Lisa visited the factory and met many of the workers to see for herself what the working conditions were like. She was particularly amused by the regular chai breaks that were announced by an old World War 2 air raid siren, sounding out throughout the workshops.

Our Tokaree baskets

Our baskets are made in Myanmar in Burma. We buy them from an ethical brand dedicated to contributing to society in a responsible, positive, and sustainable way. Through dealing directly with the villages in Myanmar they support their community and lifestyle. All our baskets are individually handwoven and our weavers work in the comfort of their own homes. The weavers are paid fair price for their work, determined by weavers and the head of the village. Money is distributed fairly throughout the community and contributes to school supplies, roads, infrastructure and general living costs.

Our Bolgatanga Baskets

Our baskets are made in in Ghana by the Gurunsi community in Bolgatanga. Here over 250 artisans practice a time-honoured weaving technique using elephant grass and their very own “rhythm and flow”. Our supplier has worked in Bolgatanga for 15 years and has pledged an ongoing commitment to the artisan weavers he collaborates with through the creation of sustainable jobs, fair and meaningful work and true social impact in the local community. The design and development team work closely with the weavers to ensure the authenticity and quality of all the basketry.

Many of our pieces are handmade and unique. We love finding interesting things from incredible artisans and makers around the world for you to treasure.

Images taken by Jesse Wild on Lisa's most recent trip to India, Rajasthan where our furniture is made.