Kilim Bench - Roses - Lisa Comfort Home
Kilim Bench - Roses - Lisa Comfort Home
Kilim Bench - Roses - Lisa Comfort Home

Kantha Bench - Roses

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Our beautiful hand crafted benches are one off pieces. Each bench is upholstered using vintage Kilim rugs sourced from Moldova and then shipped to Pakistan where skilled craftsmen upholster the bench frames by hand. Kiilms are made of soft wood and feature timeless geometric designs which are visually impactful yet simple in their structure. These are unique pieces of furniture.

Lisa says: "I have one of our ottoman benches in my bedroom, at the end of my bed, as a footstool/coffee table in the living room and as an extra seat for when guests come over. They are so practical and they add colour and texture to a room. I love them!"

Measurements - 91cm length x 45cm wide x 36cm height 

Materials - Wood and Kilim rugs. Kilims are produced by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands of the weave to produce a flat surface with no pile, creating a durable and versatile heavy weight woven fabric.

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