Shop for Vintage Sari Kantha Throw - Ishita at Lisa Comfort Home
Shop for Vintage Sari Kantha Throw - Ishita at Lisa Comfort Home

Vintage Sari Kantha Throw - Ishita

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Our vintage Kantha Throws are handmade in the Sindh region of Pakistan. Sindh is mainly desert so these quilts come from very rural villages. This handicraft is part of the village culture and the skills and craftsmanship are passed down from generation to generation. The quilts are traditionally given as wedding gifts and kept as family heirlooms. Kantha quilts consist of several layers of recycled saris held together by a simple, running, 'kantha' stitch that is applied row after row and gives the blanket its unique, slightly wavy texture. It can take weeks to create one of these wonderful textile pieces, each one of a kind, each carrying the distinct handwriting of a singular woman's craftsmanship.

Lisa says: "For a muted look I love the two-way vibe of this with indigos on one side and the brighter orange on the other side."

Each quilt is unique; you will never find two of the same design. They are truly a very special piece to have in your home.  

Measurements - Approx 125cm x 170cm

Materials - Made from cotton and recyclable materials. 

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